seven rays:

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worldserviceworld is for seekers after methods to world service by "everyday people" for everyday "livingry" application. This knowledge developed into wisdom is only to be read, absorbed and applied for the betterment of the world.

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The Call
"Go to Prepare for the Time After the End." The call is for sane and normal men, women and children who can comprehend the situation, face what must be done, and then give their daily lives to expressing for the world the qualities of the citizens of the kingdom of Souls / Thinkers: love, knowledge to wisdom for the one human race, non-critical of another, non-separativeness and freedom from hatreds and partisan, creedal beliefs.

When such men can be gathered together in large numbers on the mental [/conscious thought] & astral [/desire/emotional] planes (and they are gathering/activating rapidly) we shall have the fulfilment of "On earth peace, good will toward men.


N. B.

brother(s)/hood, son(s), he/him/himself/his, man, men etc. is a transmittive mental symbol in toto’ is an inclusive spiritual term for FEMALE & MALE aspirants-on-up-to-the-highest-Chohan.

Race- the one human race, not the separative human sub-races based upon the false premise of COLOUR , geography, religious system, etc.. 

Certain Questions and their Answers.

1. What is the soul/thinker and its nature?
2. What is the origin, goal, purpose and plan of the soul/thinker?
3. Can the fact of the soul/thinker be proved?
4. Of what value is it to study the rays?
5. What is the meaning of: Sentiency; Consciousness
Awareness; Energy or Light?

Certain Questions and Their Answers

We indicated that in this treatise we would give our main attention to the central one of the three aspects, and would concentrate upon quality. What do we mean by this? We mean that we shall occupy ourselves with that which is emerging through the medium of form, with that which veils or hides itself behind the appearance, which is expressive of life or spirit, and which is produced through the interplay of life with matter. This, when posited of man, the reflection of divinity, and when applied to the subject of his/her quality, involves three recognitions:

1. That a human being is, as earlier said, an embodied Life, expressing quality and registering that quality in consciousness or as sensitive response to the interplay going forward, during the evolutionary process, between spirit and matter.

2. That man, being a synthesis (and the only complete synthesis, except the Macrocosmic Deity), registers a self-recognition which is potent enough today to enable him/her to differentiate reactions to...

a. The triplicity (as the Bhagavad Gita calls it) of the Knower, the field of knowledge, and knowledge.
b. A growing realisation that the field of knowledge is but an appearance or an illusion, that knowledge itself can be a hindrance unless transmuted into wisdom.
c. An evolutionary growth in responsiveness to one or other of these three, and which indicates a developing sensitivity. This is leading to a growth of interest in the Knower and to a belief that this Knower is the Soul/thinker, one with Deity, illimitable and eternal and_ in time and space_ the determining factor in human existence.

3. That the endless diversity of forms hides a subjective synthesis. Man can therefore eventually see, expressing itself through all forms in all kingdoms, a universal septenate, and when this happens, he/she is then entering into the world of subjective unity, and can proceed on his/her way consciously towards the One. He/She cannot as yet enter into the consciousness of that basic essential Unity, but he/she can enter into that of his/her own ray-life, of the emanating source of his/her own temporarily specialised life.

This triplicity of ideas requires careful study. It might be expressed thus:

o The One Life. Unity.
o o o The Major three Rays)
o o o o The Minor four Rays ) Making seven
o The Unity of Appearance

With the one Life we shall not concern ourselves. We accept it as a basic truth and we realise that we are on our way back from the unity of form-identified existence, through the varying unfoldments of a conscious response to divine interplay and activity, to a final identification with the one Life. Form awareness has to give place to the qualified radiation of the self-conscious spiritual identity which is that of a son of God, appearing through form. This will be finally superseded by two phases of expression wherein there is:

1. A sense of divine synthesis, of which our bodily "well-being" is the lowest form of material, yet symbolic, reflection. It is a sense of coordinated blissful satisfaction, based on realised Being.

2. A withdrawal from even this life-awareness to a phase still more intensive and detached, which involves an awareness of the life of God Itself, free from form, but still, in a mysterious sense, aware of quality.

In the language of mysticism it might be expressed this way:

"I take a body. That body is alive. I know its life. I therefore know my mother. "I use a body. That body is not me. I serve the group and in this serving live within the body, detached, a son[/daughter] of God. I know my Self.

"I infuse a body. I am its life and in that life shall I see life. That life is known as love. I am the love of God. I know the Father, and know His life is love.

"I am the body and its loving life. I am the Self, whose quality is love. I am the life of God Himself. The Mother-Father-Son am I. "Behind these three there stands the unknown God. That God am I."

Let us be perfectly clear even at the expense of reiteration. In this treatise, though we may touch upon form and consider its nature, we shall lay emphasis upon self-consciousness as it expresses itself as responsiveness, as awareness of a peculiar kind which we call the "quality of consciousness," or its inherent characteristic. We have always the subsidiary triplicities, which are only adjectival terms employed to express the quality of the appearing life.

Form Mutability, conscious response to radiation. Matter.
Self-Consciousness Responsiveness. Awareness of identity. Soul/thinker.
Life Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source. Spirit.

The synthesis of all these in manifestation we call God, the Isolated, the All-pervading, the Detached and the Withdrawn.

The above abstract truths are difficult of apprehension, but need here to be expressed, so that our platform is understood and we are not open to the criticism that we neglect reality and regard diversity as the only truth.

We shall now answer five questions that we have formulated and answered for the reader.

Question 1. What is the soul/thinker. Can we define it? What is its nature?

Here we shall give but four definitions which will serve as a basis for all that follows.

A. The soul/thinker can be spoken of as the Son of the Spirit and of the Mother and is therefore the embodied life of God, coming into incarnation in order to reveal the quality of the nature of God, which is essential love. This life, taking form, nurtures the quality of love within all forms, and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This is the simplest definition for average humanity, being couched in the language of mysticism, thus linking the truth as found in all religions. It is necessarily inadequate, for it fails to emphasize the truth that what can be posited of man can also be posited of the cosmic reality, and that just as a human appearance on Earth veils both the quality and purpose (in varying degree), so does that synthesis of all forms or appearances, within that unity which we call a solar system, veil the quality and purpose of Deity. It is only when m-w-c is no longer deluded by appearance and has freed him/herself from the veil of illusion that he/she arrives at a knowledge of the quality of God's consciousness and at the purpose which it is revealing. This he/she does in a triple way:

a. He/She discovers his/her own soul/thinker, the product of the union of his/her Father in heaven with the Mother /or the material nature. This last is the personality. He/She then, having discovered the personality, discovers the quality of his/her own soul/thinker life, and the purpose for which he/she has "appeared."

b. He/She finds that this quality expresses itself through seven aspects or basic differentiations, and that this septenate of qualities colours, esoterically, all forms in all kingdoms in nature, thus constituting the totality of the revelations of the divine purpose. This, he/she finds, is essentially a septenary aggregation of energies, each energy producing differing effects and appearances. This discovery he/she makes by finding that his/her own soul/thinker is tinctured by one of the seven ray qualities, that he/she is identified with his/her ray purpose_ whatever it may be_ and is expressing a particular type of divine energy.

c. From this point he/she proceeds to a recognition of the entire septenate, and upon the Path of Initiation he/she gains a glimpse of a Unity, hitherto unrealised, nor even sensed.

Thus from a consciousness of him/herself, man arrives at an awareness of the interrelation between the seven basic energies or rays; and from that he/she proceeds to a realisation of the triple deity, until at the final initiation (the fifth) he/she finds him/herself consciously at-one with the unified divine intent lying behind all appearances and all qualities. It might be added that initiations, higher than the fifth, reveal a purpose wider and deeper than that which is working out within our solar system. The purpose of our manifested Logos is but a part of a greater intent. It might also be noted that in the fourth kingdom of nature, on the path of evolution and of probation, a m-w-c arrives at a knowledge of his/her individual soul/thinker, and glimpses the quality and purpose of that soul/thinker. On the path of discipleship and of initiation, he/she glimpses the quality and purpose of his/her planetary Life, and discovers him/herself as a part of a ray Life, Which is appearing through the form of a planet and is embodying an aspect of the divine purpose and energy. After the third initiation he/she glimpses the quality and purpose of the solar system; he/she sees his/her ray life and energy as a part of a greater whole. These are but modes of expressing the emerging quality and the hidden purpose of the graded Lives which inform all appearances and colour them with quality

B.The soul/thinker can be regarded as the principle of intelligence_ an intelligence whose characteristics are mind and mental awareness, which in turn demonstrate as the power to analyse, to discriminate, to separate, and to distinguish, to choose or to reject, with all the implications conveyed in these terms. As long as a m-w-c is identified with the appearance, these aspects of the mental principle produce in him/her the "great heresy of separateness." It is the appearance of the form nature that glamours him/her and completely deludes him/her. He/She regards him/herself as the form, and then proceeds from a realisation of him/herself as the material form, and as identified with the outer appearance, to a realisation of him/herself as an insatiable desire. He/She then becomes identified with his/her desire body, with his/her appetites, good and bad, and considers him/herself as one with his/her moods, his/her feelings, his/her longings, whether they ray out in the direction of the material world or inward toward the world of thought or the Kingdom of the soul/thinker. He/She is torn by a sense of duality. Later, he/she becomes identified with still another of the appearances,_ with the mind body or nature. Thoughts become to him/her so tangible that he/she is swayed, turned and influenced by them; and to the world of material appearances, and to the world of the great Illusion is added the world of thought forms. He/She is then subjected to a triple illusion, and he/she, the conscious life behind the illusion, begins to unify the forms into one coordinated whole, in order the better to control them.

Thus the Personality of the soul/thinker makes its appearance. He/She stands then on the verge of the probationary path. He/She enters the world of quality and of value, and begins to discover the nature of the soul/thinker and to shift the emphasis from the appearance to the quality of the Life which has produced it. This identification of the quality with the appearance grows steadily upon the path until the fusion of quality and appearance, of energy and that which it energises, is so perfect that appearance no longer veils the reality, and the soul/thinker is now the dominant factor; consciousness is now identified with itself (or with its ray) and not with its phenomenal appearance. Later, the soul/thinker itself is superseded by the Monad, and that Monad becomes, in verity, embodied purpose.

The process can be expressed by a very simple symbology, as follows:_ o.o.o. or o.o...o or o...o.o., thus portraying the separateness of the three aspects. The union, then, of the aspects of appearance_ quality_ purpose or life, results in an abstraction from the appearance, and therefore the end of phenomenal existence. Ponder on the simple arrangement of these signs, for they portray your life and progress:

Unevolved man. . .o o o. appearance, quality, life.
Disciple. . . . . . . . .o o. .o.appearance_ quality. . life.
Initiate. . . . . . . . . .o..o o.appearance. .quality_life.
Finally...[circle w/3 circles.wsw] within the circle of infinity.

This is true of the human being, of the Christ in incarnation; it is equally true of the cosmic Christ, of God incarnate in the solar system. In the system a similar fusion and blending is going on, and the separated aspects are entering into an evolutionary relationship, resulting in an eventual synthesis of appearance and quality, and then of quality and purpose. It might be noted here that the Hierarchy as a whole is distinguished by the sign o..oo; the New Group of World Servers by the sign oo..o; and the unevolved masses by o o o. Forget not, that in all three groups, as in nature, there are the intermediate stages composed of those who are on their way to a transitional accomplishment.

The work before all students of this treatise is the fusion of quality and appearance, and therefore they need to study the nature of that quality in order to produce a true appearance. In the ancient rules given to mystics in Atlantean times we find these words:

"Let the disciple know the nature of his/her Lord of Love. Seven the aspects of the love of God; seven the colours of that manifesting One; sevenfold the work; seven the energies and sevenfold the Path back to the centre of peace. Let the disciple live in love, and love in life."

In those olden days no thought of purpose entered into the minds of men, for the race was not mental nor was it intended so to be. The emphasis was laid upon the quality of the appearance in all preparation for initiation, and the highest initiate of that time endeavoured to express only the quality of God's love. The Plan was the great mystery. The Christ, cosmic and individual, was sensed and known, but purpose was as yet veiled and unrevealed. The "noble eightfold path" was not known, and only seven steps into the Temple were seen. With the coming in of the Aryan race, the purpose and the plan began to be revealed. Only when the appearance is beginning to be dominated by quality, and consciousness is expressing itself in directed awareness through the form, is the purpose dimly sensed.[Aryan race- Each race is a level of consciousness having to do w/a certain development, via experience, of the petals of knowledge, love and sacrifice development to inclusivity. This Aryan group of soul/thinkers incarnates, of necessity, into each planetary race. The spiritual mandate of menbers of the Aryan Rayce members w/in each planetary racial group was to "harmlessly/selflessly" synthesize the World peoples,(business) maintain tolerance for multidiversity and harmlessness for the Christ's/Mahdi's/Krishna's et al names, coming as/via World harmony.]

We seek in various ways to convey through the symbol of words the significance of the soul/thinker. The soul/thinker is therefore the son of God, the product of the marriage of spirit and matter. The soul/thinker is an expression of the mind of God, for mind and intellect are terms expressing the cosmic principle of intelligent love,_ a love which produces an appearance through the nature of mind and thus is the builder of the separate forms or appearances. The soul/thinker also, through the quality of love, produces the fusion of appearance and of quality, of awareness and of form.

C. The soul/thinker is (and here words limit and distort) a unit of light, coloured by a particular ray vibration; it is a vibrating centre of energy found within the appearance or form of its entire ray life. It is one of seven groups of millions of lives which in their totality constitute the One Life. From its very nature, the soul/thinker is conscious or aware in three directions. It is God-conscious; it is group-conscious; it is self-conscious. This self-conscious aspect is brought to fruition in the phenomenal appearance of a human being; the group-conscious aspect retains the human state of consciousness, but adds to it awareness of its ray life, progressively unfolded; its awareness then is the awareness of love, of quality, of spirit in its relationships; it is God-conscious only potentially, and in that unfoldment lies, for the soul/thinker, its own growth upward and outward after its self-conscious aspect is perfected and its group-awareness is recognised. The soul/thinker therefore has the following points, or appearances:

o. . . .Consciousness of God, of solar system. Unity
The Soul/thinker ooo. . . .o. Consciousness of the ray, of one of the seven,
_______ of divine quality. Group Consciousness.

/ .
Aspirant o. . . .Self consciousness, awareness of appearance.
Diversity of form life.

Aspirants who are studying and training themselves to live the life of service might be regarded as having reached the point where the line is to be found. To visualise this correctly the sign should be regarded as in rapid revolution, thus producing a turning wheel, which is the wheel of life.

Let us again repeat:

1. The soul/thinker is the Son of God, the product of the union of spirit and matter.

2. The soul/thinker is an embodiment of conscious mind, the expression, if one might so phrase it, of divine intelligent awareness.

3. The soul/thinker is a unit of energy, vibrating in unison with one of the seven ray Lives, and coloured by a particular ray light.

The personality of the soul/thinker is intended to be an embodiment of love, applied with intelligence and producing those "attractive" forms which will serve to express that loving intelligence. The soul/thinker in its turn is intended to be the embodiment of divine purpose or will, intelligently applied in the great creative work, which is produced through the power of creative love.

Each son of God can say: I am born of the love of the Father for the Mother, of the desire of life for form. I express, therefore, the love and the magnetic attractiveness of the God nature, and the responsiveness of the form nature, and am consciousness itself, aware of Deity or Life.

Each intelligent point of life can say: I am the product of intelligent will, working through intelligent activity and producing a world of created forms which embody or veil the loving purpose of Deity.

Each vibrating unit of energy can say: I am part of a divine whole, which in its septenary nature expresses the love and life of the One Reality, coloured by one of the seven qualities of the love of Deity and responsive to the other qualities.

For our purposes in this treatise, we must grasp the fact that the world of appearances is energised by and vibrating to the world of qualities or values, which world, in its turn, is energised by or vibrating to the world of purpose or of will. Therefore, as is stated in … [deleted] and in … [deleted], the electric fire of will, and the solar fire of love, in cooperation with fire by friction, produce the world of created and creative forms. These proceed under the Law of attractive magnetic love towards the evolutionary accomplishment of a purpose at present inscrutable. This purpose remains unknown only on account of the limitations of the "appearance" which is not yet responsive to the quality. When the illusory appearance and the veiled quality of the life are known and comprehended the underlying purpose will emerge with clarity. Indications of this can be dimly sensed and the attribute of this growing awareness can be noted in the tendency of modern thought to speak of patterns and of plans, of blue prints and synthetic formulations of ideas, and in the tracing of historical developments_ national, racial, human and psychological. As we read, ponder and study, the dim outlines of the Plan appear, but until the consciousness has transcended all human limitations and has included the subhuman, as well as the superhuman, within its range of contacts, the true Plan cannot be rightly grasped. The will, lying behind the purpose, cannot be understood until the consciousness has transcended even that of the superhuman m-w-c, and has become one with the divine.

Will /or the energy of life are synonymous terms and are an abstraction, existing apart from all form expression. The will-to-be emerges from outside the solar system altogether. It is the all-pervading energy of God which informs with a fraction of itself the solar system, and yet remains outside. Plan and purpose concern the emanating energies of that central Life and involve duality,_ will or the life urge plus attractive magnetic love which, in its turn, is the response of the vibrating universal substance to the impact of the energy of will. This initial activity precedes the creative process of form building; and the play of the divine will on the ocean of space, matter, or etheric substance produced the first differentiation into the major rays, and their mutual interplay produced the minor four rays. Thus the seven emanations, the seven potencies and the seven Rays came into manifestation. They are the seven breaths of the one Life, the seven basic energies; they streamed forth from the centre formed by the impact of the will of God on divine substance, and divided into seven streams of force. The radius of the influence of these seven streams determined the extent or scope of activity of a solar system and "outlined" the limits of the form of the incarnated cosmic Christ. Each of these seven streams or emanations of energy was coloured by a divine quality, an aspect of love, and all of them were needed for the ultimate perfecting of the latent and unrevealed purpose.

The will of Deity coloured the stream of energy units which we call by the name of the Ray of Will or Power, the first ray, and the impact of that stream on the matter of space insured that the hidden purpose of Deity would inevitably and eventually be revealed. It is a ray of such dynamic intensity that we call it the ray of the Destroyer. It is not as yet functioning actively. It will come into full play only when the time comes for the purpose to be safely revealed. Its units of energy in manifestation in the human kingdom are very few. As we earlier said, there is not a true first ray type in incarnation as yet. Its main potency is to be found in the mineral kingdom, and the key to the mystery of the first ray is to be found in radium.

In the vegetable kingdom the second ray is peculiarly active, producing among other things the magnetic attractiveness of flowers. The mystery of the second ray is found to be hidden in the significance of the perfume of flowers. Perfume and radium are related, being emanatory expressions of ray effects upon differing groupings of material substance. The third ray is, in its turn, peculiarly related to the animal kingdom, producing the tendency to intelligent activity which we note in the higher domestic animals. The correspondence to radioactivity and to emanatory perfumes which we found in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, we here call devotion, the characteristic of the attractive interplay between the domestic animals and m-w-c. Devotees of personalities might more rapidly transmute that devotion into its higher correspondence_ love of principles_ if they realised that they were only displaying an animal emanation.

The desire of the Deity expresses itself through the second ray of Love-Wisdom. Desire is a word which has been prostituted to cover the tendency of humanity to crave material things or those pleasures which bring satisfaction to the sensuous nature. It is applied to those conditions which will satisfy the personality, but in the last analysis, desire is essentially love. This desire expresses itself by attractiveness, by its capacity to draw to itself and into the radius of its influence that which is loved. It is the bond of coherence, and is that principle of magnetic cohesion which lies behind all creative work and which produces the emergence into the light of manifestation of those forms or appearances through which it is possible to satisfy desire. This second ray is pre-eminently the ray of applied consciousness, and works through the creation and development of those forms which are found throughout the universe. They are essentially mechanisms for the development of responsiveness or awareness; they are sensitive machines, responsive to an enveloping environment. This is true of all forms, from that of a crystal to that of a solar system. They have been created in the great process of satisfying desire and of providing the media of contact which will guarantee a progressive satisfaction. In the human family, the effect of this dual interplay of Life (desiring satisfaction) and of form (providing the field of experience) is a consciousness which is striving towards a love of the formless instead of desire for form, and the wise adaptation of all experience to the process of transmuting desire into love. Hence this ray is, par excellence, the dual ray of the solar Logos Himself, and hence colours all manifested forms, directing all consciousness in all forms in all kingdoms of nature, and in all fields of development; it carries the life through the range of forms in that basic search or urge for the attainment of bliss through the satisfaction of desire. This urge and the interaction of the pairs of opposites produced the varying types of conscious reaction to experience which, in their main stages, we call consciousness, animal consciousness, and allied differentiating phrases.

This second ray is the ray of Deity Itself, and is coloured by distinctive aspects of desire or love. They produce the totality of the manifested appearances, animated by the Life Which determines the quality. The Father, Spirit or Life, wills to seek the satisfaction of desire. The Mother or matter meets the desire and is attracted also by the Father. Their mutual response initiates the creative work, and the Son is born, inheriting from the Father the urge to desire /or love, and from the Mother the tendency actively to create forms. Thus, in the language of symbolism, have the form worlds come into being, and through the evolutionary work the process is going forward of satisfying the desire of spirit. Thus in the two major rays of Will and Love we have the two main characteristics of the divine nature, which lie latent behind all the myriad of forms. The aeons will see these two energies steadily dominating all appearance and driving the created world on to a full display of the divine nature. This is true of gods and men.

But in the same way in which the Father contributes to the Son the divine qualities of will and love, so the Mother contributes much also, and the initial duality is increased and the qualities are enhanced by the addition of a quality inherent in matter itself,_ the quality or Ray of Intelligent Activity. This is the third of the divine attributes and completes, if we may so express it, the equipment of the appearing forms, and predisposes all creation to an intelligent appreciation of the true goal of desire and to an intelligent use of the technique of form building in order to reveal divine purpose. The Knower (m-w-c) is the custodian of that wisdom which will enable him/her to further the divine plan and bring the will of God to fruition. The field of knowledge is so constituted that it vibrates with intelligent response to the slowly emerging will. Knowledge itself is that which knows its own ends and works towards those ends through the process of experiment, expectation, experience, examination and exaltation which produces a final exit. Words such as these are synthetic symbols, conveying a cosmic story in terms of constructive brevity.

Thus the three rays of Will, Love and Intelligence produce appearance, donate quality and, through the life principle which is the underlying aspect of unity, ensure continuity of growth until such time as the will of God has evidenced itself as power, has attracted to itself the desired, has with wisdom utilised the experience of a gradually growing satisfaction, and has intelligently applied the gain of experience to the production of forms more sensitive, more beautiful and more fully expressive of the quality of the life. Each of these rays is dual in time and space, though only the second ray is dual when they are regarded from the standpoint of the final abstraction. In their temporary duality can be seen, for each of them, the interplay which we call cause and effect.

Ray I....Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power.
Ray II...Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom.
Ray III..Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causes activity.
The result of the interplay of these three major rays can be seen in the activity of the four minor rays. … [deleted] speaks of the Lords of Knowledge and of Love, and also of the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. We might, in order more clearly to understand the mystical significance of these names, point out that the dynamic persistent will of the Logos expresses itself through the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. Here devotion is not the quality to which we referred earlier in this treatise, but is the persistent directed one-pointed will of God, embodied in a Life which is that of the Lord of the first ray. The Lords of Love and of Knowledge are the two great Lives Who embody /or ensoul/thinker the Love-Wisdom and the creative Intelligence aspects of the two major rays. These three are the sum total of all forms or appearances, the givers of all qualities, and the emerging Life aspect behind the tangible manifestations. They correspond, in the human family, to the three aspects of Personality, Soul/thinker and Monad. The Monad is dynamic will or purpose, but remains unrevealed until after the third initiation. The Monad is Life, the sustaining force, a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotion to the pursuit of a seen and determined objective. The soul/thinker is a Lord of love and wisdom, whilst the personality is a Lord of knowledge and of intelligent activity.

This use of terms involves the realisation of an achieved goal. It is not true of the present stage as regards expression, for this is the intermediate stage. None are as yet working with full intelligent activity, though some day each will do so. None are as yet manifesting Lords of love, but they sense the ideal and are striving towards its expression. None are as yet Lords of ceaseless will and none realise as yet the plan of the Monad nor the true goal towards which all are striving. Some day all will. But potentially every human unit is all these three, and some day the appearances which were called personalities, that mask or veil reality, will fully reveal the qualities of Deity. When that time comes, the purpose for which all creation waits will burst upon the awakened vision, and we shall know the true meaning of bliss, and why the morning stars sang together. Joy is the strong basic note of our particular solar system.

One of the foundational septenate of rays embodies in itself the principle of harmony, and this fourth ray of Harmony gives to all forms that which produces beauty and works towards the harmonising of all effects emanating from the world of causes, which is the world of the three major rays. The ray of beauty, of art and harmony is the producer of the quality of organisation through form. It is in the last analysis the ray of mathematical exactitude and is not the ray of the artist, as so many seem to think. The artist is found on all rays, just as is the engineer or the physician, the home-maker or the musician. We want to make this clear, for there is much misunderstanding on this matter.

Each of the great rays has a form of teaching truth to humanity which is its unique contribution, and in this way develops m-w-c by a system or technique which is qualified by the ray quality and is therefore specific and unique. Let us point out to you the modes of this group teaching:

Ray I Higher Expression: The science of statesmanship, Of government.
Lower Expression: Modern diplomacy and politics.

Ray II Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts. Lower Expression: Religion.

Ray III Higher Expression: Means of communication or interaction. The radio, telephone, telegraph and the power to travel.
Lower Expression: The use and spread of money and gold.

Ray IV Higher Expression: The Masonic work, based on the formation of the hierarchy, and related to the second ray.
Lower Expression: Architectural construction. Modern city planning.

Ray V Higher Expression: The science of the soul/thinker. Esoteric psychology.
Lower Expression: Modern educational systems and mental science.

Ray VI Higher Expression: Christianity and diversified religions. (Notice here relation to Ray II.
Lower Expression: Churches and organised religions.

Ray VII Higher Expression: All forms of light\white\selfless magic.
Lower Expression: Spiritualism of "phenomena."

The fourth ray is essentially the refiner, the producer of perfection within the form, and the prime manipulator of the energies of God in such a way that the Temple of the Lord is indeed known in its true nature as that which "houses" the Light. Thus the Shekinah will shine forth within the secret place of the Temple in its full glory. Such is the work of the seven Builders. This ray is expressive primarily on the first the formless planes, counting from below upwards, and its true purpose cannot emerge until the soul/thinker is awakened and consciousness is adequately recording the known. The planes /or manifested spheres of expression are influenced in manifestation in a numerical order:

Ray I Will or Power Plane of divinity.
Ray II Love-Wisdom Plane of the Monad.
Ray III Active Intelligence Plane of spirit,
Ray IV Harmony Plane of the intuition.
Ray V Concrete Knowledge Mental Plane.
Ray VI Devotion, Idealism Astral Plane.
Ray VII Ceremonial Order Physical Plane.

The fifth ray therefore works actively on the plane of the greatest moment to humanity, being, for m-w-c, the plane of the soul/thinker, and of the higher and the lower mind. It embodies the principle of knowledge, and because of its activity and its close relation to the third ray of Active Intelligence might be regarded as a ray having a most vital relation to m-w-c at this time in particular. It is the ray which_ when active, as it was in Lemurian times,_ produces individualisation, which is literally the shifting of the evolving life of God into a new sphere of awareness. This particular transference into higher forms of awareness tends, at the beginning, to separativeness.

The fifth ray has produced what we call science. In science we find a condition which is rare in the extreme. Science is separative in its approach to the differing aspects of the divine manifestation which we call the world of natural phenomena, but it is non-separative in actuality, for there is little warring between the sciences and little competition between scientists. In this the workers in the scientific field differ profoundly from those of the religious. The reason for this is to be found in the fact that the true scientist, being a coordinated personality and working therefore on mental levels, works very close to the soul/thinker. The developed personality produces the clear distinctions of the dominant lower mind, but (if one may use such a symbolic way of expression) the close proximity of the soul/thinker negates a separative attitude. The religious m-w-c is pre-eminently astral / or emotional and works in a more separative manner, particularly in this Piscean age which is passing away. When we say the religious m-w-c we refer to the mystic and to the man who senses the beatific vision. We refer not to disciples nor to those who are called initiates, for they add to the mystical vision a trained mental apprehension.

The sixth Ray of Devotion embodies the principle of recognition. By this we mean the capacity to see the ideal reality lying behind the form; this implies a one-pointed application of desire and of intelligence in order to produce an expression of that sensed idea. It is responsible for much of the formulation of the ideas which have led man on, and for much of the emphasis on the appearance which has veiled and hidden those ideals. It is on this ray primarily_ as it cycles in and out of manifestation_ that the work of distinguishing between appearance and quality is carried forward, and this work has its field of activity upon the astral plane. The complexity of this subject and the acuteness of the feeling evolved become therefore apparent.

The seventh ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic embodies a curious quality which is the outstanding characteristic of the particular Life which ensoul/thinkers this ray. It is the quality or principle which is the coordinating factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangible form or appearance. This work goes on primarily on etheric levels and involves physical energy. This is the true magical work. We should like to point out that when the fourth ray and the seventh ray come into incarnation together, we shall have a most peculiar period of revelation and of light-bringing. It is said of this time that then "the temple of the Lord will take on an added glory and the Builders will rejoice together." This will be the high moment of the Masonic work, spiritually understood. The Lost Word will then be recovered and uttered for all to hear, and the Master will arise and walk among His builders in the full light of the glory which shines from the east.

The spiritualising of forms might be regarded as the main work of the seventh ray and it is this principle of fusion, of coordination and of blending which is active on etheric levels every time a soul/thinker comes into incarnation and a child is born on earth.

D. The soul/thinker is the principle of sentiency, underlying all outer manifestation, pervading all forms, and constituting the consciousness of God Himself. When the soul/thinker, immersed in substance, is simply sentiency, it produces through its evolutionary interplay an addition, and we find emerging quality and capacity to react to vibration and to environment. This is the soul/thinker as it expresses itself in all the subhuman kingdoms in nature.

When the soul/thinker, an expression of sentiency and quality, adds to these the capacity of detached self-awareness, there appears that self-identified entity which we call a human being.

When the soul/thinker adds to sentiency, quality and self-awareness, the consciousness of the group, then we have identification with a ray-group, and there appears the disciple, the initiate and the master.

When the soul/thinker adds to sentiency, quality, self-awareness and group consciousness, a consciousness of divine synthetic purpose (called by us the Plan), then we have that state of being and knowledge which is distinctive of all upon the Path of Initiation, and includes those graded Lives, from the more advanced disciple up to the planetary Logos Himself.

But forget not that when we make these distinctions it is nevertheless one Soul/thinker that is functioning, acting through vehicles of varying capacities, of differentiated refinements and of greater and lesser limitations, in just the same sense as a m-w-c is one identity, working sometimes through a physical body and sometimes through a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimes knowing him/herself to be the Self_ a rare and unusual occurrence for the majority.

Every form in manifestation does two things:

1. Appropriates, or is pervaded by, as much of the world soul/thinker as its capacity will permit. The atom of substance, the molecule or the cell all have soul/thinker, but not in the same degree as has an animal; and an animal has soul/thinker, but not in the same degree as has a Master, and so on up or down the scale.

2. Through the interaction between the indwelling soul/thinker and the form, two things occur: a. Sentiency and quality are expressed according to the type of body and its point of evolution.

b. The pervading soul/thinker drives the body nature into activity, and forces it forward along the path of development, and thus provides for the soul/thinker a field of experience and for the body the opportunity to react to the higher soul/thinker impulse. Thus the field of expression is benefited, and the soul/thinker masters the technique of contact which is its objective in any particular form.

The soul/thinker therefore, viewed from one angle, is an aspect of the body, for there is a soul/thinker in every atom comprising all bodies in all kingdoms in nature. The subtle coherent soul/thinker which is the result of the bringing together of spirit and matter exists as an entity apart from the body nature, and constitutes (when separated from the body) the etheric body, the double, as it is sometimes called, or the counterpart of the physical body. This is the sum total of the soul/thinker of the atoms constituting the physical body. It is the true form; it is the principle of coherence in every form.

The soul/thinker, in relation to the human being, is the mind principle in two capacities, or the mind expressing itself in two ways. These two ways are registered and become part of the organised equipment of the human body when it is adequately refined and sufficiently developed:

1. The lower concrete mind, the mental body, the "chitta" or mind stuff.
2. The higher spiritual or abstract mind.

These two aspects of the soul/thinker, its two basic qualities, bring into being the human kingdom and enable m-w-c to contact both the lower kingdoms in nature and the higher spiritual realities. The first, the quality of mind in its lower manifestation, is owned potentially by every atom in every form in every kingdom in nature. It is a part of the body nature, inherent and potential, and is the basis of brotherhood, of absolute unity, of universal synthesis and divine coherence in manifestation. The other, the higher aspect, is the principle of self-awareness, and when combined with the lower aspect produces the self-consciousness of the human being. When the lower aspect has informed and pervaded the forms in the subhuman kingdoms, and when it has worked upon those forms and their latent sentiency so as to produce adequate refinement and sentiency, the vibration becomes so potent that the higher is attracted and there is a fusion or at-one-ing. This is like a higher recapitulation of the initial union of spirit and matter which brought the world into being. A human soul/thinker is thus brought into existence and begins its long career. It is now a differentiated entity.

"Soul/thinker" also is a word used to express the sum total of the psychic nature_ the vital body, the emotional nature and the mind stuff. But it is also more than that, once the human stage is reached. It constitutes the spiritual entity, a conscious psychical being, a son of God, possessing life, quality and appearance_ a unique manifestation in time and space of the three expressions of the soul/thinker as we have just outlined them:

1. The soul/thinker of all the atoms, composing the tangible appearance.
2. The personal soul/thinker or the subtle coherent sum total which we call the Personality, composed of the subtle bodies, etheric /or vital, astral /or emotional, and the lower mental apparatus. These three vehicles humanity shares with the animal kingdom as regards its possession of vitality, sentiency, and potential mind; with the vegetable kingdom as regards vitality and sentiency; and with the mineral kingdom as regards vitality and potential sentiency.
3. The soul/thinker is also the spiritual being, or the union of life and quality. When there is the union of the three soul/thinkers, so called, we have a human being.

Thus in man you have the blending or fusion of life, quality and appearance, or spirit, soul/thinker and body, through the medium of a tangible form.

In the process of differentiation these various aspects have attracted attention, and the underlying synthesis has been overlooked or disregarded. Yet all forms are differentiations of the soul/thinker, but that soul/thinker is one Soul/thinker, when viewed and considered spiritually. When studied from the form side, naught but differentiation and separation can be seen. When studied from the consciousness or sentiency aspect, unity emerges. When the human stage is reached and self-awareness is blended with the sentiency of forms and with the tiny consciousness of the atom, some idea of a possible subjective unity begins dimly to dawn on the thinker's mind. When the stage of discipleship is reached, a man begins to see him/herself as a sentient part of a sentient whole, and slowly reacts to the purpose and intent of that whole. He/She grasps that purpose little by little as he/she swings consciously into the rhythm of the sum total of which he/she is a part. When more advanced stages and more rarefied and refined forms are possible, the part is lost in the whole; the rhythm of the whole subjects the individual to a uniform participation in the synthetic purpose, but the realisation of individual self-awareness persists and enriches the individual contribution, which is now intelligently and willingly offered, so that the form not only constitutes an aspect of the sum total (which has always and inevitably been the case, even when unrealised), but the conscious thinking entity knows the fact of the unity of consciousness and of the synthesis of life. Thus we have three things to bear in mind as we read and study:

1. The synthesis of life spirit.
2. The unity of consciousness soul/thinker.
3. The integration of forms body.

These three always have been at-one, but the human consciousness has not known it. It is the realisation of these three factors and their integration into the technique of living which is, for m-w-c, the objective of his/her entire evolutionary experience.

Let us, talking necessarily in symbols, consider the universal Soul/thinker, or the consciousness of the Logos Who brought our universe into being. Let us regard the Deity as pervading the form of His solar system with life, and as being conscious of His work, of His project and His goal. This solar system is an appearance, but God remains transcendent. Within all forms God is immanent, yet persists aloof and withdrawn. Just as a thinking, intelligent human being functions through his/her body but dwells primarily in his/her mental consciousness or in his/her emotional processes, so God dwells withdrawn His mind nature; the world that He has created and pervaded with His life, goes forward towards the goal for which He has created it. Within, however, the radius of His appearing form, greater activities are going forward; varying states of consciousness and stages of awareness are to be seen; developing degrees of sentiency emerge, and even in the symbolism of the human form we have such differing states of sentiency as are registered by the hair, by the internal organisms in the body, by the nervous system, by the brain, and by the entity we call the self (who registers emotion and thought). In the same way does the Deity, within the solar system, express as wide a divergence of consciousness.

There is a body consciousness; there is a sensory apparatus, registering reaction to the environment; there is a consciousness of moods, of quality, of mental reactions to a world of ideas; there is a higher consciousness of plan and of purpose; there is a consciousness of life.

It is interesting to note in connection with the Deity that this sensory response to environment provides the entire basis for astrology and for the effect of the constellations upon the solar system and the interplanetary forces.

We might sum it all up in relation to m-w-c as follows:

Man-w-c's form nature reacts in its consciousness to the form nature of Deity. The outer garment of the soul/thinker (physical, vital and psychic) is part of the outer garment of God.

M-w-c's self-conscious soul/thinker is en rapport with the soul/thinker of all things. It is an integral part of the universal Soul/thinker, and because of this can become aware of the conscious purpose of Deity; can intelligently cooperate with the will of God, and thus work with the plan of Evolution.

Man's spirit is one with the life of God and is within him/her, deep-seated in his/her soul/thinker, as his/her soul/thinker is seated within the body.

This spirit will in some distant time put him/her en rapport with that aspect of God which is transcendent, and thus each son of God will eventually find his/her way to that centre_ withdrawn and abstracted_ where God dwells beyond the confines of the solar system.

These are words which are formulated in an endeavour to convey an idea of order, of plan, of universal synthesis, of the integration and incorporation of the fragment in the whole, and of the part with the all.

Let us endeavour now to answer the second question, remembering as we proceed, that it is not possible for us to do more than enter symbolically into the practical purposes of Deity. As we write for simple aspirants, we cannot convey the truth until such time as their rapport with their own soul/thinkers is complete, or more complete than is now the case. The effort, however, to grasp that which cannot be expressed in words produces a downpouring of the abstract mind or of the intuition, and this, in its turn, stimulates and develops the brain cells and produces a steady stabilisation of the power to stand in "spiritual being"; then it becomes possible to grasp the inexpressible and to live by its power.

Question 2. What are the origin, goal, purpose and plan of the soul/thinker?

The seven Rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the universal Mind; They might be regarded as seven intelligent entities through Whom the plan is working out. They embody divine purpose, express the qualities required for the materialising of that purpose, and They create the forms and are the forms through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion. Symbolically, They may be regarded as constituting the brain of the divine Heavenly Man. They correspond to the ventricles of the brain, to the seven centres within the brain, to the seven centres of force, and to the seven major glands which determine the quality of the physical body. They are the conscious executors of divine purpose; They are the seven Breaths, animating all forms which have been created by Them to carry out the plan.

It may perhaps be easier to understand the relation of the seven Rays to Deity if we remember that man him/herself (being made in the image of God) is a seven-fold being, capable of seven states of consciousness, expressive of the seven principles or basic qualities which enable him/her to be aware of the seven planes upon which he/she is, consciously or unconsciously, functioning. He/She is a septenate at all times, but his/her objective is to be consciously aware of all the states of being, to express consciously all the qualities, and to function freely on all the planes.

The seven ray Beings, unlike man, are fully conscious and entirely aware of the purpose and the Plan. They are "ever in deep meditation," and have reached the point where, through Their advanced stage of development, They are "impelled toward fulfillment." They are fully self-conscious and group-conscious; They are the sum total of the universal mind; They are "awake and active." Their goal and Their purpose is such that it is idle for us to speculate about it, for the highest point of achievement for man is the lowest point for Them. These seven Rays, Breaths and Heavenly Men have the task of wrestling with matter in order to subjugate it to divine purpose, and the goal_ as far as one can sense it_ is to subject the material forms to the play of the life aspect, thus producing those qualities which will carry the will of God to completion. They are therefore the sum total of all the soul/thinkers within the solar system, and Their activity produces all forms; according to the nature of the form so will be the grade of consciousness. Through the seven Rays, the life or spirit aspect flows, cycling through every kingdom in nature and producing thus all states of consciousness in all fields of awareness.

For the purpose of this treatise students will have to accept the hypothesis that every human being is swept into manifestation on the impulse of some ray, and is coloured by that particular ray quality, which determines the form aspect, indicates the way he/she should go, and enables him/her (by the time the third initiation is reached) to have sensed and then to have cooperated with his/her ray purpose. After the third initiation he/she begins to sense the synthetic purpose towards which all the seven Rays are working; but as this treatise is written for aspirants and disciples, and not for initiates of the third degree, it is needless to speculate upon this ultimate destiny.

The human soul/thinker is a synthesis of material energy, qualified by intelligent consciousness, plus the spiritual energy which is, in its turn, qualified by one of the seven ray types.

Thus the human being emerges, a son of God incarnate in form, with one hand (as the Old Commentary says) holding firmly to the rock of matter and with the other hand plunged into a sea of love. An ancient scripture puts it thus:

"When the right hand of the man of matter grasps the flower of life and plucks it for him[/herself], the left hand remains in emptiness.

"When the right hand of the man of matter grasps the golden lotus of the soul/thinker, the left descends seeking the flower of life, though he[/she] seeks it not for selfish ends.

"When the right hand holds the golden lotus firm and the left hand grasps the flower of life, man finds him[/herself] to be the seven-leaved plant which flowers on earth and flowers before the Throne of God."

The purpose of Deity, as it is known to the Creator, is totally unknown to all save the higher initiates. But the purpose of each ray Life may be sensed and defined, subject of course to the limitations of the human mind and to the inadequacy of words. The planned activity of every ray qualifies every form found within its body of manifestation.

We come now to a technical statement which must be accepted for the sake of argument, being incapable of proof.. All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression, and thus the seven planets have come into being. These are their major expressions.

The Sun (Veiling Vulcan)
The Moon

The energies of these seven Lives however are not confined to their planetary expressions, but sweep around the confines of the solar system just as the life impulses of a human being_ his/her vital forces, his/her desire impulses, and his/her mental energies_ sweep throughout his/her body, bringing the various organs into activity and enabling him/her to carry out his/her intent, to live his/her life, and to fulfill the objective for which he/she created his/her body of manifestation.

Each of the seven kingdoms in nature reacts to the energy of some particular ray Life. Each of the seven planes similarly reacts; each septenate in nature vibrates to one or another of the initial septenates, for the seven Rays establish that process which assigns the limits of influence of all forms. They are that which determines all things, and when we use these words we indicate the necessity of Law . Law is the will of the seven Deities, making its impression upon substance in order to produce a specific intent through the method of the evolutionary process.

A. The Three Rays of Aspect

. We shall now express the ray purpose in the form of an ancient teaching preserved on leaves that are so old that the writing is slowly fading. We now translate it into modern language though much is lost thereby.

2bcontinued... ________________________________________________________ LAW-SEVEN RAYS __________________________________________________________ Through the Words of Power the worlds came into ordered being, and the Lord of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic brings about the organisation of the divine organism.

Through the application of the Finger of God in its directing and forceful work, we have the cyclic destruction of forms, so that the manifestation of Deity may grow in power and beauty. Thus the Lord of Power / or Will performs the task of destruction, thereby bringing beauty into being and the revelation of God's will and His beneficent purpose.

By means of the Eye of God light shines forth upon the way of the sun, the path of the planets, and the path of man. The Lord of Adaptability and the Intellect brings into expression and into objectivity the intelligent working out of the divine idea and Plan.

When the "Desire of all nations" shall come, and the Cosmic Christ shall stand revealed, all men-w-c and all creatures shall psyientificly "taste" or share in that great happening, and the Lord of the Ray of Devotion and Idealism shall see the consummation of His work and be "satisfied."

Also the Lord of the fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art will add His share to the great creative work, and it will be found that, in the elusive following to its source of that mysterious revelation which we call beauty, there will be expressed that subtle quality of which "smell," in the animal sense, is the symbol. The great search and the esoteric "following of the scent" will come to an end. This fourth Ray is pre-eminently the way of the seeker, the searcher and the sensitive reflector of beauty. The Jewish nation has a close relation to this fourth Ray and to the fourth root Rayce, and hence their eminence at this time in the world of art, and hence the magnitude of their endless symbolic wandering and searching.

When the Knowledge of God shall shine forth universally (and this is not the knowledge of, or awareness of a great Being but the expression through human instrumentality of the divine omniscience), then will the Lord of Concrete Science, Who is the embodiment of the fifth principle of mind, see His work brought to a conclusion. He stimulates the sense of awareness in humanity and nurtures the consciousness aspect in the subhuman kingdoms, producing the response, therefore, of matter to spirit, and bringing about the interpretation of that to which there has been a sentient rapport.

The intuition is literally the synthetic and immediate grasp of the truth, as it essentially exists, and the Lord of the second Ray will bring to a conclusion the entire evolutionary process through the development in humanity of that perfect insight which will make every human being a complete and intelligent cooperator with the Plan.

A close study of these Ray forces in relation to the creative work and the furthering of the Plan (in so far as we can, at this time, grasp it) will reveal how closely the entire building-wrecking-rebuilding process is tied up with the question of the three qualities of the soul/thinker, sentiency, consciousness and awareness, and will demonstrate how the problem of light, with which we have just been dealing, has a definite relation to our ability to interpret and comprehend these three qualities.

Consciousness, in the esoteric teaching, concerns the response of the form aspect in the three subhuman kingdoms:

1. To the world of living, vibratory and magnetic forms, in which each form is immersed. Every form, through its radiation, affects every other form, and according to the quality of the form and according to its evolutionary status, so will be its response to its environment.

2. To the subjective world of forces which we call the etheric world. All forms in all four kingdoms thus respond in some degree and manner.

3. To the world of quality /or of desire intent. All forms in all kingdoms respond, en masse, to the urge or the desire aspect of divinity which lies at the root of the entire evolutionary process. This is recognised as an incentive and is more or less self-directed in the human family; it is blindly followed by the forms in the other kingdoms, who respond according to the nature of their response mechanisms to these varying urges.

When we deal with the inflow of mental energy and with the forces emanating from the fifth plane of mind (higher mind, lower mind and the egoic intelligent entity) we enter more entirely into the domain of human evolution itself, and the vague word "consciousness" could well be superseded by the word "awareness." In varying degree man is aware, but only man is aware that he/she is aware. His/Her response apparatus responds to, and is influenced by, all the contacts to which the subhuman forms respond, but he/she is also aware of him/herself, and his/her response mechanism is capable of reacting, not only to external stimuli but to contacts emanating from within him/herself, from the Self so called, and also from the worlds of introspection and of mystical vision which seem sealed to all subhuman forms of life.

In the larger picture, with which we are not to occupy ourselves in this treatise, the planet constitutes the response apparatus of a superhuman Life, and that Life responds consciously to impacts emanating from the solar system as a whole, and from certain constellations (embodied Lives) with which our solar system is linked. Similarly the solar Logos functions through the medium of that gigantic response apparatus which is bounded by the ring-pass-not of a solar system. Each form, from that of the tiniest atom to that of a vast constellation, is an embodiment of a life, which expresses itself as consciousness, awareness, and responsive sentiency through the medium of some type of response mechanism. Thus we have the establishing of a universe of lives, interacting and interrelated, all of them conscious, some of them self-conscious, and others group-conscious, but all grounded in the universal mind, all possessing soul/thinkers, and all presenting aspects of the divine Life.

Life, quality, appearance remain thus the primal triplicity. Appearance is objective, and forms have been studied scientifically, analysed and classified, for ages. Now we are introverting and introspecting, and have the commencement of a cycle wherein the world of quality and of meaning will be subjected to a similar investigation and classification. This will result in the giving of new values to life, to an enriching of our understanding, and will produce, as a result, the growth and substitution of the intuition for the intellect.

May we urge upon all to live more continuously in the world of meaning and less in the world of appearances? It is a truer world and less full of illusion. When the understanding is developed, when men have learnt to see below the surface and have cultivated true vision, then we shall have the steady emergence of the quality of the soul/thinker in all forms and the relative subsiding into the background of the power of the form nature. It is this world of meaning which it is the privilege of humanity to reveal, and all true esoteric students should be pioneers in this field.

Part three of Section One - Introduction to the Seven Rays

III. Ten Basic Propositions.

1. There is one Life.
2. There are seven Rays.
3. Life-Quality-Appearance constitute Existence.
4. The seven Rays are the seven creative Forces.
5. The Rays manifest through the seven Planets.
6. Every Human Being is on one of the Rays.
7. There are one Monad, seven Rays and myriads of Forms.
8. The Laws of Evolution embody the Life Purpose of the seven Rays.
9. Man-Woman-Child develops through Self-expression and Self-realisation.
10. Individualisation leads eventually to Initiation.

Ten Basic Propositions

IN CONCLUDING this section of our treatise, and before starting on our real study of the Rays, we seek to formulate for you the fundamental propositions upon which all this teaching is founded. They are for us, humble workers in the Hierarchy, as they are for the Great Light Lodge as a whole, a statement of fact and of truth. For students and seekers they must be accepted as an hypothesis:

One: There is one Life, which expresses Itself primarily through seven basic qualities or aspects, and secondarily through the myriad diversity of forms.

Two: These seven radiant qualities are the seven Rays, the seven Lives, Who give Their life to the forms, and give the form world its meaning, its laws, and its urge to evolution.

Three: Life, quality and appearance /or spirit, soul/thinker and body constitute all that exists. They are existence itself, with its capacity for growth, for activity, for manifestation of beauty, and for full conformity to the Plan. This Plan is rooted in the consciousness of the seven Ray Lives.

Four: These seven Lives, Whose nature is consciousness and Whose expression is sentiency and specific quality, produce cyclically the manifested world; They work together in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan of which They are the custodians. They are the seven Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe

Five: Each Ray Life is predominantly expressing Itself through one of the seven sacred planets, but the life of all the seven flows through every planet, including the Earth, and thus qualifies every form. On each planet is a small replica of the general scheme, and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole.

Six: Humanity, with which this treatise deals, is an expression of the life of God, and every human being has come forth along one line or other of the seven Ray forces. The nature of his/her soul/thinker is qualified or determined by the Ray Life which breathed him/her forth, and his/her form nature is coloured by the Ray Life which_ in its cyclic appearance on the physical plane at any particular time_ sets the quality of the Rayce, life and of the forms in the kingdoms of nature. The soul/thinker nature or quality remains the same throughout a world period; its form life and nature change from life to life, according to its cyclic need and the environing group condition. This latter is determined by the Ray or Rays in incarnation at the time.

Seven: The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven Ray Lives. One Monad, seven Rays and myriads of forms,_ this is the structure behind the manifested worlds.

Eight: The Laws which govern the emergence of the quality /or soul/thinker, through the medium of forms, are simply the mental purpose and life direction of the Ray Lords, Whose purpose is immutable, Whose vision is perfect, and Whose justice is supreme.

Nine: The mode or method of development for humanity is self-expression and self-realisation. When this process is consummated the self expressed is the One Self / or the Ray Life, and the realisation achieved is the revelation of God as the quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearance and quality. The seven Ray Lives, or the seven soul/thinker types, are seen as the expression of one Life, and diversity is lost in the vision of the One and in identification with the One.

Ten: The method employed to bring about this realisation is experience, beginning with individualisation and ending with initiation, thus producing the perfect blending and expression of Life-Quality-Appearance

This is a brief statement of the Plan. Of this the Hierarchy of Masters in Its seven divisions (the correspondences of the seven Rays) is the custodian, and with Them lies the responsibility in any century of carrying out the next stage of that Plan.

End of three parts of Section One - wsw Introduction to the Seven Rays.

the rays enumerated:

As part of the initial Plan, the one Life sought expansion, and the seven aeons or emanations came forth from the central vortex and actively repeated the earlier process in all its details. They too came into manifestation and in the work of expressing active life, qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into a secondary activity and became the seven Builders, the seven Sources of life and the seven Rishis of all the ancient scriptures. They are the original psychic Entities, imbued with the capacity to express love (which involves the concept of duality, for the loving and the loved, the desiring and the desired, must here be posited) and to emerge from subjective being into objective becoming. We call these seven by various names, as follows:

1. The Lord of Power or Will. This Life wills to love, and uses power as an expression of divine beneficence. For His body of manifestation He uses that planet for which the sun is regarded as the esoteric substitute.

2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists as being as close to the heart of the Solar Logos as was the beloved disciple close to the heart of the Christ of Galilee. This Life instils into all forms the quality of love, with its more material manifestation of desire, and is the attractive principle in nature and the custodian of the Law of Attraction, which is the life-demonstration of pure Being. This Lord of Love is the most potent of the seven Rays, because He is on the same cosmic ray as the solar Deity. He expresses Himself primarily through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation.

3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linked to matter and He works in cooperation with the Lord of the second ray. He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. The planet Saturn is His body of expression within the solar system, and through the medium of matter (which beneficently obstructs and hinders) He provides humanity with a vast field of experiment and experience.

We should like to point out here that when we speak in terms of personality and perforce employ the personal pronoun, we must not be accused of personalizing these great forces. We speak in terms of entity, of pure Being, and not in terms of human personality. But the handicap of language persists; and in teaching those who think in terms of the lower concrete mind, and whose intuition is dormant or only manifesting in flashes, we are compelled to speak in parables and use the language of word symbols. Let us point out also that all statements which we may make are in relation to our particular planet and couched in terms that can be understood by the humanity which our planet has produced. The work, as we outline it, constitutes only a fraction of the work undertaken by these Beings; They each have Their own purpose and radius of influence, and as our Earth is not one of the seven sacred planets (nor the body of manifestation of one of the basic seven Rays), They have purposes and activities in which our Earth plays only a minor part.

4. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science. The main function of this Being is the creation of Beauty (as an expression of truth) through the free interplay of life and form, basing the design of beauty upon the initial plan as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The body of manifestation of this life is not revealed, but the activity emanating from it produces that combination of sounds, colours and word music that expresses_ through the form of the ideal_ that which is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activity upon the Earth about six hundred years hence, though already the first faint impress of His influence is being felt and the next century will see a re-awakening of creative art in all its branches.

5. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science. This is a Great Life in close touch with the mind of the creative Deity, just as the Lord of the second ray is in close touch with the heart of that same Deity. His influence is great at this time, though not as potent as it will be later. Science is a psychological unfoldment in man due to this ray influence, and is only entering into its real work. His influence is waxing in power, just as the influence of the sixth Lord is waning.

6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is a peculiar and characteristic expression of the quality of the solar Logos. Forget not that in the great scheme of the universal universe (not just our universe) our solar Logos is as differentiated and distinctive in quality as are any of the sons/daughters of men. This ray force, with the second ray, is a true and vital expression of the divine nature

e. A militant focussing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent of the life urge, and a divine sincerity are the qualities of this Lord, and set their impress upon all that is found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debate as to whether Mars is, or is not, the planet through which He manifests. You must remember that only a few of the planets are the bodies of expression of the Lords of the rays. There are ten "planets of expression" (to use the term employed by the ancient Rishis), and only seven ray Lives are regarded as the Builders of the system. The great mystery, which is finally revealed in the higher initiations, is the relation of a ray to a planet. Therefore seek not full information at this time. The influence of this sixth Lord is now passing out.

7. The Lord of Ceremonial Order /or Magic is now coming into power and is slowly but surely making His pressure felt. His influence is most potent upon the physical plane, for there is a close numerical interrelation between (for instance) the Lord of the seventh ray and the seventhplane, the physical, just as the seventh root race will see complete conformity to and a perfect expression of Law and order. This ray of order and its incoming is partially responsible for the present tendency in world affairs toward governmental dictatorship and the imposed control of a central governing body.

It may be of value here if we give you the following statement as to the activity, or non-activity, of the rays, begging you to bear in mind that this statement refers only to our Earth and its evolutions:

Ray one Not in manifestation.
Ray two In manifestation since 1575 A.D.
Ray three In manifestation since 1425 A.D.
Ray four To come slowly into manifestation after 2025 A.D.
Ray five In manifestation since 1775 A.D.
Ray six Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It began to pass out in 1625 A.D. Ray seven In manifestation since 1675 A.D.

These are of course all lesser cycles within the influence of the sign Pisces. You will see that four rays are in manifestation at this time_ the second, third, fifth, and seventh.

The question arises here: How does it happen that we find people in incarnation on all the rays at practically the same time? The reason is that, as you can easily see, the fourth is beginning to approach and the sixth is passing out, which puts six of the rays in the position of having their egos in manifestation. There are however very few of the fourth ray egos on the Earth at this time, and a very large number of sixth ray egos, for it will be about two hundred years before all the sixth ray egos pass out of incarnation. As to the first ray egos, there are no pure first ray types on the planet. All so-called first ray egos are on the first subray of the second ray, which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation at this time would be a disaster. There is not sufficient intelligence and love in the world to balance the dynamic will of an ego on the ray of the destroyer.

Just as the human family has a relation to the planetary Logos of our Earth which is best expressed by stating that it constitutes His heart and brain, so does the sum total of analogous evolutions within the entire solar system constitute the heart and brain of the solar Logos. Intelligent activity and love are the outstanding characteristics of a developed son of God, whilst their lower reflections_ sex and desire are the characteristics of the average man and the undeveloped sons/daughters of God.

These seven living qualified emanations from the central vortex of force are composed of untold myriads of energy units which are inherently and innately aspects of life, endowed with quality and capable of appearance. Below the human, the combination of these three produces conscious response to the environment, regarding the environment as composed of the sum total of all lives, qualities and appearances,_ the synthesis of the seven Rays or emanations of the Deity. They produce in the human kingdom a self-conscious awareness, and in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness. All human Monads, carried into manifestation by the will and desire of some ray Lord, are part of His body of manifestation. Potentially they express His quality and appear phenomenally according to the point in evolutionary expression which has been reached. "As He is, so are we in this world," but only as yet potentially,_ the goal of evolution being to make the potential into the real, and the latent into the expressed. The work of the esotericist is just this very thing: to bring out of latency, the hidden quality.

The Function of Christianity

We have now laid down the basic premise that all that is known to us is a manifesting divine Entity, expressing Itself through three aspects which (for the purposes of this treatise and because they are more in line with the terminology of emerging modern thought) we choose to call Life-Quality-Appearance. These are but other names for the Trinity of all the great religions, and are synonymous with the Christian phrase, Father, Son and Holy Ghost (those old anthropomorphic terms!); with Spirit, Soul/thinker and Body, the current phraseology; and with the Life, Consciousness and Form of the Indian philosophy.

May we interpolate here the comment that modern thinkers would do well to bear in mind that the importance of Christianity lies in the realisation that it is a bridging religion. This is symbolised for us by the fact that the Master of all the Masters took incarnation in Palestine, that slice of land which is midway between Asia and Europe, and which partakes of the character of both. Christianity is the religion of the transitional period which links the era of self-conscious existence with that of a group-conscious world. It is extant in the age which will see that type of thought prevailing which (when rightly applied) will serve as the connecting link between the worlds of concrete and of abstract mind. The Old Commentary puts it thus:

"When the hour arrives wherein the light of the soul/thinker reveals the antaskarana (the [true rainbow] bridge between the personality consciousness and the soul/thinker consciousness, …) then shall men[-w-c] be known by their knowledge, be coloured by the despair of desire unappeased, be divided into those who recognise their dharma (meet all implied obligations and duties) and those who only see the working out of karma, and from the very nature of their need find light and peace at last."

Christianity is primarily a religion of cleavage, demonstrating to man his/her duality and so laying the foundation for future unity. This is a most needed stage and has served humanity well; the purpose and intent of Christianity has been definite and high, and it has done its divine work. Today it is in the process of being superseded, but by what new formulation of truth is not yet revealed. The light is slowly pouring into m-w-c's life, and in this lighted radiance he/she will formulate the new religion and arrive at a fresh enunciation of ancient truth. Through the lens of the illumined mind, he/she will shortly see aspects of divinity hitherto unknown. Has it ever dawned on you that there may be qualities and characteristics of the divine nature, latent as yet within the form, that have hitherto remained totally unknown and not even dimly sensed, and which, as yet, are literally unprecedented and for which we have neither words nor other adequate medium of expression? So it is. Just as the phrase "group-consciousness" would carry, for early primitive m-w-c, no significance whatsoever, and would have been only a meaningless string of alphabetical forms, so (lingering just below the surface of our manifested world) lie divine qualities and a purpose which is as far removed from the consciousness of our present humanity as the idea of collective awareness was from the consciousness of prehistoric humanity. Take courage from this thought. The past guarantees the infinite expansion of the future.

End of part one of introduction to the Seven Rays. continued...

Ten Basic Propositions
The Plan

"In this section of our treatise, we seek to formulate for you the fundamental propositions upon which all this teaching is founded. They are for us, humble workers in the human Hierarchy, as they are for the Great Light Lodge as a whole, a statement of fact and of truth. For students and seekers, some of whom shall someday take our place, they must be accepted as a hypothesis, until proven [in daily "livingry. ss]

One: There is one Life, which expresses Itself primarily through seven basic qualities /or aspects, and secondarily through the myriad diversity of forms.

Two: These seven radiant qualities are the seven Rays, the seven Lives, who give Their Life to the forms, and give the form world its meaning, its laws, and its urge to evolution.

Three: Life, quality and appearance, /or spirit, soul/thinker and body constitute all that exists. They are existence itself, with its capacity for growth, for activity, for manifestation of beauty, and for full conformity to the Plan. This Plan is rooted in the consciousness of the seven ray Lives.

Four: These seven Lives, Whose nature is consciousness and Whose expression is sentiency and specific quality, produce cyclically the manifested world; They work together in the closest union and harmony, and cooperate intelligently with the Plan of which They are the custodians. They are the seven Builders, Who produce the radiant temple of the Lord, under the guidance of the Mind of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Five: Each ray Life is predominantly expressing Itself through one of the seven sacred planets, but the life of all the seven flows through every planet, including the Earth, and thus qualifies every form. On each planet is a small replica of the general scheme, and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole.

Six: Humanity, with which this treatise deals, is an expression of the Life of God, and every human being has come forth along one line or other of the seven ray forces. The nature of his/her soul/thinker is qualified or determined by the ray Life which breathed him/her forth, and his/her form nature is coloured by the ray Life which_ in its cyclic appearance on the physical plane at any particular time_ sets the quality of the race life and of the forms in the kingdoms of nature. The soul/thinker nature /or quality remains the same throughout a world period; its form life and nature change from life to life, according to its cyclic need and the environing group condition. This latter is determined by the ray or rays in incarnation at the time.

Seven: The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven ray Lives. One Monad, seven Rays and myriads of forms,_ this is the structure behind the manifested worlds.

Eight: The Laws which govern the emergence of the quality /or soul/thinker, through the medium of forms, are simply the mental purpose and life direction of the ray Lords, Whose purpose is immutable, Whose vision is perfect, and Whose justice is supreme.

Nine: The mode or method of development for humanity is self-expression and self-realisation. When this process is consummated the self expressed is the One Self /or the ray Life, and the realisation achieved is the revelation of God as the quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearance and quality. The seven ray Lives, or the seven soul/thinker types, are seen as the expression of one Life, and diversity is lost in the vision of the One and in identification with the One.

Ten: The method employed to bring about this realisation is experience, beginning with individualisation and ending with initiation, thus producing the perfect blending and expression of Life-Quality-Appearance.

This is a brief statement of the Plan. Of this the Hierarchy of Masters in Its seven divisions (the correspondences of the seven Rays) is the custodian, and with Them lies the responsibility in any century of carrying out the next stage of that Plan."

[edited by BushMaster Solchac and Ras Lord Boomshak]



SANE: "the peace of the mind stuff brought about through the practice of sympathy, tenderness, steadiness of purpose, and dispassion in regard to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil."

"Here we are dealing with the physical body, which undergoes experiences on the physical plane and which utilises the brain consciousness. The tendency of that body is towards all other objective/visible forms, and it is apt (in its unregenerate state) to gravitate with facility towards material objects. The nature of those objects will be dependent upon the point in evolution of the experiencing ego. This must be carefully remembered when studying this data, otherwise there will be a misapprehension of the final clause. Discriminative action must ever be taken with reference to all demonstrations of good and evil force, and the law works in this connection, but emancipation from all the physical forms which that energy may take, eventuates when dispassion towards these objective forms is practiced. It might be useful if we note that the sympathy dealt with concerns our relation to all other pilgrims, or towards the human [/ fourth] kingdom in nature; tenderness covers our relation to the animal [/ third] kingdom; steadiness of purpose deals with our relation to the [Cultural noos of every grade, Initiates, & Masters, harmless, highest because most unselfishly serving human groups making up the love-wisdom Human] Hierarchy of the planet, and dispassion concerns our attitude to all the reactions of the lower personal self [/self-serving-I-ness]. The comprehensiveness of this data is therefore apparent and concerns all the brain vibrations of the cultural noo_ one actively controlling his/her personal & group self-serving instincts in favour of the art & beauty of harmony & harmless, group focused, greater good. Diverse world sectarian visions of Paradise can become balanced by practise of the SANE tenet of the Will-to-Good.

The physical body is consequently looked upon as a vehicle for the expression of:

a. Helpfulness to our fellow men-women-children,
b. Tender handling of the animal kingdom,
c. Service on the physical plane in cooperation with the Hierarchy of Love and Light,
d. Discipline of the physical appetites and dispassion in regard to all forms which appeal to the appetites and to the senses, whether called harmful or not. All alike must be transcended.

Thus peace is achieved, peace of the mind stuff, peace of the brain reactions and eventually complete quiet and calm… and the man-woman-child expresses wholesomeness, a rounded out nature, and complete sanity of thought and act. All bodily disability is in this way overcome, and wholeness expresses the nature of the manifestation."

Definition of Reality

Before we proceed further we want to touch upon the apparent contradictions which occur (and which may continue to occur) in this data. Sometimes a ray will be spoken of as being in manifestation. At other times it may be referred to as being out of manifestation. We may speak about its influence upon a particular kingdom in nature, and then again still another ray may be regarded as of prime importance. These discrepancies are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the right understanding of the Law of Cycles. Until this basic Law of Periodicity is comprehended (and this will not be possible until m-w-c has succeeded in developing fourth dimensional vision) it will not be easy to avoid what may look like contradictions. At one time a certain ray may be in incarnation and thus of paramount influence, and yet, at the same time, still another ray may govern the major cycle, a cycle of which the ray under consideration may be only a temporary aspect. For instance, the seventh ray of Ceremonial Organisation is now coming in, and the sixth Ray is going out; of major proposition of which the two previous are:

a. Every ray Life is an expression of a solar Life, and every planet is therefore linked with every other planet, animated by energy from one or other of the seven solar systems, and actuated by a triple stream of force.

b. Every one of the rays of universal energy is the recipient and custodian of various energies, coming from varying sources.

To these two we add:

c. It is the quality of a ray Life, in time and space, which determines the phenomenal [physical visible/invisible] appearance.

In these three propositions you have summed up the basic teaching of this [extract]. Here we can point out with success, we believe, the practical efficacy of a true understanding of these rather advanced psyientific teachings. If, for instance, you study the first proposition, you will note how a ray Life is an expression of a solar Life. Now take this broad idea and make it personally specific by referring the same proposition to an individual m-w-c, grasping the fact that every personality is intended to be an expression of a solar angel, and is consequently linked to every other solar angel in the kingdom of soul/thinkers. Each is animated by the energies coming from all the seven groups of solar angels, and is likewise in touch with the life of the planet, of the solar system, and with extra-systemic force also. Is this not of vital, practical import? Does it not warrant close study and consideration of the attitude of the personality towards life, and of the measure of success of the solar angel at any given point in time and space (which is all that the personality is, in the last analysis) as it builds and qualifies its phenomenal appearance? Here we can see the scientific value of the study of ideals, of concentration upon the virtues and divine qualities, and upon an intellectual analysis of the divine attributes of any of the great sons/daughters of God.

Again, the second proposition states that the seven Rays, being each the recipient and custodian of energies coming from the universe, bring in the basic concept of inter-relation, of inter-communication, of inter-dependence, of cooperative responsibility, and of service. These relationships, as we well know, underlie the principle of Brother-Sisterhood, which the human race is just beginning to grasp and to discuss. Thus one of the major propositions which govern the building forces of the universe is of real practical application to the mental life and attitude of m-w-c today.

Nevertheless, though the consciousness is other than all that has been hitherto known, and though it can only be expressed in terms of negation, the truth must be borne constantly in mind that the greater awareness must always include the lesser awarenesses. Consequently all possible actions and reactions, identifications and focussings, awarenesses and contacts, ray impulses, approaches and withdrawals, and all possible expressions of the divine activity and qualities, phenomenal and non-phenomenal, are included in the state of Being which is now the natural state of the liberated and enlightened spiritual Existence. All are possible of recovery through the will or in response to a need, but the spiritual Being is no longer held by them or identified with them. Each of the stages on the great Path of Liberation /or Enlightenment with which we have been concerned_ Individualisation, Initiation and Identification_ have led the Life \ or the spiritual, interior man, from point to point, from quality to quality, from realisation to realisation, from phenomenal appearance to spiritual living, from physical awareness to sentient, emotional awareness, and from that to mental differentiation and separateness. He/She has been carried from hell to heaven, from heaven to Nirvana, from the life-conditioning of the personal Ego to that of the group soul/thinker, and thence to that of the liberated state of pure intuitional life. He/She has passed from form experience as a whole to that complete freedom from all vibratory impressions which it is the nature of pure Being (divorced from phenomenal existence) to demonstrate. But at the same time, nothing is lost of capacity, or quality or of sentient awareness. This is beautifully expressed for us in the words of the Old Commentary, found in the archives of the Masters.

"The quality of life fades out. It flickers and is gone. Yet the Blessed Ones reveal at will that quality. The colour pure remains.

The nature of life in form fails to appear. It flashes forth a little while, then disappears. The Blessed Ones, at will, can take a form, yet are not then the form.

The seven great rays sweep into manifested life. They are, and then are not. All is and all is not. But the Blessed Ones at any time can sweep forth into manifested light. They carry then the potencies of spirit to meet the need expressed. Light holds Them not; Their purpose is not imprisoned; Their will is not subdued. They appear and disappear at will."

"Naught holds the Blessed Ones. Neither the deities nor form; neither desire nor mind; nor any quality of life. Pure life they are; pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent; this is all that unenlightened m-w-c can grasp, and only that in part.

The Blessed Ones are not, and yet They are.
The Blessed Ones know naught, and yet know all.
The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer love divine.
The Blessed Ones remember not, yet all is recollection.
The Blessed Ones remain in isolation pure; and yet at will can take a form.
The Blessed Ones dwell ever in the high and lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth in light phenomenal.
The Blessed Ones manifest not through form; yet are all forms and all intents."

Then the Old Commentary runs through what would constitute many pages of writing, shewing that the Blessed Ones are naught and yet are all there is; that They possess nothing and yet are in Themselves the expression of all reality; that They dwell nowhere and yet are found everywhere; that They have faded out and yet are shining in full radiance and can be seen. Negation after negation is piled up, only promptly to be contradicted in an effort to shew how divorced from, and yet inclusive of, form is the life of the Blessed Ones. It ends with the wonderful injunction:_

"Therefore be full of joy, O pilgrim on the Way towards enlightened Being, for gain and loss are one; darkness and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life.

Naught disappears but pain. Nothing remains but bliss,_ the bliss of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God."

Such is the true goal, as yet unrealisable by us. What is it that we are endeavoring to do? We are treading the Way of Release, and on that way, all drops from our hands; everything is taken away, and detachment from the world of phenomenal life and of individuality is inevitably forced upon us. We are treading the Way of Loneliness, and must learn eventually that we are essentially neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment and discrimination must finally lead us to a condition of such complete aloneness that the horror of the great blackness will settle down upon us. But when that pall of blackness is lifted and the light again pours in, the cultural noo sees that all that was grasped and treasured, and then lost and removed, has been restored, but with this difference_ that it no longer holds the life imprisoned by desire. We are treading the Way that leads to the Mountain Top of Isolation, and will find it full of terror. Upon that mountain top we must fight the final battle with the dweller on the threshold [AKA our karma/Law of Cause & Effect that comes into play as soon as one decides to CHANGE/aspire. The Dweller embodies one’s personal choices from the past; is also voice of slackness at point of choice/tests/temptations; is also of the accumulation of human "sins" that one joined in personal slackness. Humanity, get up. Dust off. "Give it another go." Persevere. Your work to attain/maintain RR is needed on the side of Right Relations.] only to find that that too is an illusion. That high point of isolation and the battle itself are only illusions and figments of unreality; they are the last stronghold of the ancient glamour, and of the great heresy of separateness [actual root of all "sin".] Then we, the Beatific Ones, will eventually find ourselves merged with all that is, in love and understanding. The isolation, a necessary stage, is itself but an illusion. We are treading the Way of Purification and step by step all that we cherish is removed,_ lust for form life, desire for love, and the great glamour of hatred. These disappear and we stand purified and empty. The distress of emptiness is the immediate result; it grips us and we feel that the price of holiness is too high. But, standing on the Way, suddenly the whole being is flooded with light and love, and the emptiness is seen as constituting that through which light and love may flow to a needy world. The purified One can dwell then in that place where dwell the Blessed Lords, and from that place go forth to "illumine the world of men and of the deities".

There are four ways which stretch before the noos of the Logos_ Lord of the World. They must all be trodden before the inner Being is released, and the liberated Son / Daughter of God can enter, at will, what are symbolically called "the four gates into the City of Shamballa",_ that city of the Most High God, which is ever swept by the Life of Those who have achieved liberation through loneliness, detachment, isolated unity, and purification. A realisation of the goal and the way to that goal is of service at this time, and it is to this realisation that the teachers of humanity seek to stimulate the Sons / Daughters of God.

According to the ray type or quality, so will be the reaction of the life to the great stages of Individualisation, Initiation, and Identification. This is a major psyientific platitude, but it is one that is much in need of consideration and reflection. Let us bear in mind always that we are considering qualities which govern appearances and express the life. What is called in the Eastern literature "the Blessed One" refers to One who is perfectly expressing some ray quality through some chosen phenomenal appearance, which is assumed at will for purpose of service, but which in no way constitutes a limitation and in no way holds the Blessed One a prisoner, because His consciousness is in no way identified with the phenomenal appearance [form], nor with the quality it expresses.

[[edited by BushMaster Solchac and Ras Lord Boomshak]



We will express the reaction of these seven ray types of Universal Mind Energy to the process of Individualisation (which is the process of identification with form/body) by seven psyientific statements which can, if properly understood, give the keynote of the new psychology. They state the major impulse, the native quality, and the technique of unfoldment.


"The Blessed One flies like an arrow into matter.
He destroys (or ruptures) the way by which He might return. He grounds Himself deeply in the depths of form.

He asserts: "I will return. My power is great. I will destroy all obstacles. Nothing can stop my progress to my goal. Around me lies that which we have destroyed. What must I do?"

The answer comes: "Order from chaos, O Pilgrim on the way of death, this is the way for you. Love you must learn. Dynamic will you have. The right use of destruction for the furtherance of the Plan, must be the way for you. Adherence to the rhythm of the planet will release the hidden Blessed One and order bring."

"The Blessed One built Himself an ark.
Stage by stage He built it, and floated upon the bosom of the waters. Deeply He hid Himself, and His light was no more seen,_ only His floating ark.

His voice was heard: "l have built and strongly built, but am a prisoner within my building. My light is hidden. Only my word goes forth. Around me lie the waters. Can I return from whence I came? Is the word strong enough to open wide the door? What shall I do?"

The answer came: "Build now an ark translucent, which can reveal the light, O Builder of the ark. And by that light you shall reveal the lighted way. The power to build anew, the right use of the Word, and the using of the light,_ these will release the Blessed One, deep hidden in the ark."

"The Blessed One gathered force. He hid Himself behind a veil.
He rolled Himself within that veil, and deeply hid His face. Naught could be seen but that which veiled, and active motion. Within the veil was latent thought.

The thought reached forth: "Behind this veil of maya I stand, a Blessed One, but unrevealed. My energy is great, and through my mind I can display the glory of divinity. How can I, therefore, demonstrate this truth? What shall I do? I wander in illusion."

The word went forth: "All is illusion, O Dweller in the shadows. Come forth into the light of day. Display the hidden glory of the Blessed One, the glory of the One and Only. The glory and the truth will rapidly destroy that which has veiled the truth. The prisoner can go free. The rending of the blinding veil, the clear pronouncing of the truth, and practice right will render to the Blessed One that golden thread which will provide release from all the maze of earth existence."

"The Blessed One rushed forth to combat.
He saw existence as two warring forces, and fought them both. Loaded with the panoply of war, He stood midway, looking two ways. The clash of battle, the many weapons He had learned to use, the longing not to fight, the thrill of finding those He fought were but brothers-sisters and Himself, the anguish of defeat, the paean of His victory,_ these held Him down.

The Blessed One paused and questioned: "Whence come the victory and whence defeat? Am I not the Blessed One Himself? I will invoke the angels to my aid."

The trumpet sound went forth: "Rise up and fight, and reconcile the armies of the Lord. There is no battle. Force the conflict to subside; send for the invocation for the peace of all; form out of two, one army of the Lord; let victory crown the efforts of the Blessed One by harmonising all. Peace lies behind the warring energies."

"The Blessed One came forth in ignorance.
He wandered in a darkness deep of spirit. He saw no reason for this way of life. He sought among the many threads that weave the outer garment of the Lord, and found the many ways there be, leading to the centre of the web eternal. The forms that weave that web hide the divine reality. He lost Himself. Fear entered in.

He asked Himself: "Another pattern must be woven; another garment formed. What shall I do? Shew me another way to weave."

The Word for Him came forth in triple form. His mind responded to the vision clear evoked:_ "The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way. The Angel of the Presence guards that Way. The mind reveals the Angel and the door. Stand in that Presence. Lift up thine eyes. Enter through that golden door. Thus will the Angel, who is the shadow of the Blessed One, reveal the open door. That Angel too must disappear. The Blessed One remains and passes through that door into the light sublime."

"The Blessed One caught the vision of the Way, and followed the Way without discretion.
Fury characterised His efforts. The way led down into the world of dual life. Between the pairs of opposites, He took His stand, and as He swung pendent between them, fleeting glimpses of the goal shone forth. He swung in mid-heaven. He sought to swing into that radiant place of light, where stood the door upon the higher Way. But ever He swung between the pairs of opposites.

He spoke at last within Himself: "I cannot seem to find the Way. I try this way, and tread with force that way, and always with the keenest wish. I try all ways. What shall I do to find The Way?"

A cry went forth. It seemed to come from deep within His heart: "Tread thou, O Pilgrim on the Way of sensuous life, the middle, lighted way. It passes straight between the dual worlds. Find thou that narrow, middle way. It leads you to your goal. Seek that perceptive steadiness which leads to proved endurance. Adherence to the chosen Way, and ignoring of the pairs of opposites, will bring this Blessed One upon the lighted way into the joy of proved success."

"The Blessed One sought the pathway into forms but held with firmness to the hand of the Magician.
He sought to reconcile the Pilgrim, who was Himself, to life in form. He sought to bring the world of disorder in which He found Himself into some kind of order. He wandered far into the deepest depths and became immersed in chaos and disorder. He could not understand, yet still held to the hand of the Magician. He sought to bring about that order that His soul/thinker craved. He talked with all He met, but His bewilderment increased.

To the Magician thus He spoke: "The ways of the Creator must be good. Behind all that which seems to be, must be a Plan. Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work, immersed in deepest matter? Tell me the thing that I must do"'

The Magician said: "Listen, O Worker in the furthest world, to the rhythm of the times. Note the pulsation in the heart of that which is divine. Retire into the silence and attune yourself unto the whole. Then venture forth. Establish the right rhythm; bring order to the forms of life which must express the Plan of Deity."

"For this Blessed One release is found in work. He must display His knowledge of the Plan by the sounding of those words which will evoke the Builders of the forms and thus create the new."

Here in more simple and less psyientific terms is the significance of the above esoteric stanzas, to express their true meaning in a few succinct and terse phrases. The stanzas are of no use unless they convey to the ray types among the students of this data some useful meaning, whereby they can live more truly:

The RAYS: Will-to-Good Data

[PREMISE: Every individual/group/race/genus/type in all seven kingdoms-in-Nature has three RAYS:


1. Strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power of ruling, capacity to grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of handling men-women-children and measures.

of Ray to work-out via SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

Pride, ambition, wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger.

2. Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience.

This has been spoken of as the ray of power, and is correctly so called, but if it were power alone, without wisdom and love, a destructive and disintegrating force would result. When however the three characteristics are united, it becomes a creative and governing ray. Those on this ray have strong will power, for either good or evil, for the former when the will is directed by wisdom and made selfless by love. The first ray m-w-c will always "come to the front" in his/her own line. He/She may be the burglar or the magistrate/judge who condemns him/her, but in either case he/she will be at the head of his/her profession. He/She is the born leader in any and every public career, one to trust and lean on, one to defend the weak and put down oppression, fearless of consequences and utterly indifferent to comment. On the other hand, an unmodified first ray can produce a m-w-c of unrelenting cruelty and hardness of nature.

The first ray m-w-c often has strong feeling and affection, but he/she does not [but should strive to] readily express it; he/she will love strong contrasts and masses of colour, but will rarely be an artist; he/she will delight in great orchestral effects and crashing choruses, and if modified by the fourth, sixth or seventh rays of universal energy, may be a great composer, but not otherwise; and there is a type of this ray which is tone-deaf, and another which is colour-blind to the more delicate colours. Such a m-w-c will distinguish red and yellow, but will hopelessly confuse blue, green and violet.

The literary work of a first ray m-w-c will be strong and trenchant, but he/she will care little for style or finish in his/her writings. Perhaps examples of this type would be Luther, Carlyle, and Walt Whitman. It is said that in attempting the cure of disease the best method for the first ray m-w-c would be to draw health and strength from the great fount of universal life by his/her will power, and then pour it through the patient. This, of course, presupposes knowledge on his/her part of psyientific methods.

The characteristic method of approaching the great Quest on this ray would be by sheer force of will. Such a m-w-c would, as it were, take the kingdom of heaven "by violence." We have seen that the born leader belongs to this ray, wholly or in part. It makes the able commander-in-chief.



1. Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, intuition, clear intelligence, and serene temper.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/selfaggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

Over-absorption in study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt of mental limitations in others.

2. Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy.

This is called the ray of wisdom from its characteristic desire for pure knowledge and for absolute truth_ cold and selfish, if without love, and inactive without power. When both power and love are present, then you have the ray of the Buddhas and of all great teachers of humanity,_ those who, having attained wisdom for the sake of others, spend themselves in giving it forth. The student on this ray is ever unsatisfied with his/her highest attainments; no matter how great his/her knowledge, his/her mind is still fixed on the unknown, the beyond, and on the heights as yet unscaled.

The second ray m-w-c will have tact and foresight; he/she will make an excellent ambassador, and a first-rate teacher or head of a college; as a m-w-c of affairs, he/she will have clear intelligence and wisdom in dealing with matters which come before him/her, and he/she will have the capacity of impressing true views of things on others and of making them see things as he/she does. He/She will make a good business m-w-c, if modified by the fourth, fifth and seventh rays of universal energy. The noo on this ray would plan wisely and foresee possibilities; he/she would have an intuition as to the best course to pursue, and he/she would never lead his/her men-women-children into danger through rashness. He/She might be deficient in rapidity of action and energy. The artist on this ray would always seek to teach through his/her art, and his/her pictures would have a meaning. His/Her literary work would always be instructive.

The method of healing, for the second ray m-w-c, would be to learn thoroughly the temperament of the patient as well as to be thoroughly conversant with the nature of the disease, so as to use his/her will power on the case to the best advantage.

The characteristic method of approaching the Path would be by close and earnest study of the teachings till they become so much a part of the man-w-c's consciousness as no longer to be merely intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual rule of living, thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom.

A bad type of the second ray would be bent on acquiring knowledge for him/herself alone, absolutely indifferent to the human needs of others. The foresight of such a m-w-c would degenerate into suspicion, his/her calmness into coldness and hardness of nature.


1. Wide views on all abstract questions, sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, capacity for concentration on philosophic studies, patience, caution, absence of the tendency to worry him/herself or others over trifles.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/self-aggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in details, absent-mindedness, obstinacy, selfishness, overmuch criticism of others.

2. Sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy, energy and common-sense.

This is the ray of the abstract thinker, of the philosopher and the metaphysician, of the m-w-c who delights in the higher mathematics but who, unless modified by some practical ray, would hardly be troubled to keep his/her accounts accurately. His/Her imaginative faculty will be highly developed, i.e., he/she can by the power of his/her imagination grasp the essence of a truth; his/her idealism will often be strong; he/she is a dreamer and a theorist, and from his/her wide views and great caution he/she sees every side of a question equally clearly. This sometimes paralyses his/her action. He/She will make a good business m-w-c; as a noo he/she will work out a problem in tactics at his/her desk, but is seldom great in the field. As an artist his/her technique is not fine, but his/her subjects will be full of thought and interest. He/She will love music, but unless influenced by the fourth ray he/she will not produce it. In all walks of life he/she is full of ideas, but is too impractical to carry them out.

One type of this ray is unconventional to a degree, slovenly, unpunctual and idle, and regardless of appearances. If influenced by the fifth ray as the secondary ray this character is, entirely changed. The third and the fifth rays of universal energy make the perfectly balanced historian who grasps his/her subject in a large way and verifies every detail with patient accuracy. Again the third and the fifth rays together make the truly great mathematician who soars into heights of abstract thought and calculation, and who can also bring his/her results down to practical scientific use. The literary style of the third ray m-w-c is too often vague and involved, but if influenced by the first , fourth, fifth or seventh rays of universal energy, this is changed, and under the fifth he/she will be a master of the pen [/keypad/keyboard…].

The curing of disease by the third ray m-w-c would be by the use of drugs made of herbs or minerals belonging to the same ray as the patient whom he/she desires to relieve.

The method of approaching the great Quest, for this ray type, is by deep thinking on philosophic /or metaphysical lines till he/she is led to the realisation of the great Beyond and of the paramount importance of treading the Path that leads thither.



1. Strong affections, sympathy, physical courage, generosity, devotion, quickness of intellect and perception.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/selfaggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

    Self-centredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral courage, strong passions, indolence, extravagance.

2. Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, unselfishness, accuracy, mental and moral balance.

This has been called the "ray of struggle" for on this ray the qualities of (activity) and (inertia) are so strangely equal in proportion that the nature of the fourth ray m-w-c is torn with their combat, and the outcome, when satisfactory, is spoken of as the "Birth of Horus," of the Christ [/ Brother-Sisterhood] , born from the throes of constant pain and suffering.

Inertia induces love of ease and pleasure, a hatred of causing pain amounting to moral cowardice, indolence, procrastination, a desire to let things be, to rest, and to take no thought of the morrow. Activity is fiery, impatient, ever urging to action. These contrasting forces in the nature make life one perpetual warfare and unrest for the fourth ray m-w-c; the friction and the experience gained thereby may produce very rapid evolution, but the m-w-c may as easily become a ne'er-do-well as a hero.

It is the ray of the military/industrial/entertainment leader, reckless of risks to him/herself or his/her followers. It is the ray of the m-w-c who will lead a forlorn hope, for in moments of excitement the fourth ray m-w-c is entirely dominated by rajas; of the wild speculator and gambler, full of enthusiasm and plans, easily overwhelmed by sorrow or failure, but as quickly recovering from all reverses and misfortunes.

It is pre-eminently the ray of colour, of the artist whose colour is always great, though his/her drawing will often be defective. The fourth ray m-w-c always loves colour, and can generally produce it. If untrained as an artist, a colour sense is sure to appear in other ways, in choice of dress or decorations.

In music, fourth ray compositions are always full of melody, and the fourth ray m-w-c loves a tune. As a writer or poet, his/her work will often be brilliant and full of picturesque word-painting, but inaccurate, full of exaggerations, and often pessimistic. He/She will generally talk well and have a sense of humour, but he/she varies between brilliant conversations and gloomy silences, according to his/her mood. He/She is a delightful and difficult person to live with.

In healing, the best fourth ray method is massage and magnetism, used with knowledge.

The method of approaching the Path will be by self-control, thus gaining equilibrium amongst the warring forces of the nature. The lower and extremely dangerous way is by Hatha Yoga.



1. Strictly accurate statements, justice (without mercy), perseverance, common-sense, uprightness, independence, keen intellect.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/selfaggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

? Harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance, unforgiving temper, lack of sympathy and reverence, prejudice.

SANE is a result of:

2. Reverence, devotion, sympathy, love, wide-mindedness.

This is the ray of science and of research. The m-w-c on this ray will possess keen intellect, great accuracy in detail, and will make unwearied efforts to trace the smallest fact to its source, and to verify every theory. He/She will generally be extremely truthful, full of lucid explanation of facts, though sometimes pedantic and wearisome from his/her insistence on trivial and unnecessary verbal minutiae. He/She will be orderly, punctual, business-like, disliking to receive favours or flattery.

It is the ray of the great chemist, the practical electrician, the first-rate engineer, the great operating surgeon. As a statesman, the fifth ray m-w-c would be narrow in his/her views, but he/she would be an excellent head of some special technical department, though a disagreeable person under whom to work. As a noo, he/she would turn most readily to artillery and engineering. The artist on this ray is very rare, unless the fourth or seventh be the influencing secondary rays; even then, his/her colouring will be dull, his/her sculptures lifeless, and his/her music (if he/she composes) will be uninteresting, though technically correct in form. His/Her style in writing or speaking will be clearness itself, but it will lack fire and point, and he/she will often be long-winded, from his/her desire to say all that can possibly be said on his/her subject.

In healing, he/she is the perfect surgeon, and his/her best cures will be through surgery and electricity.

For the fifth ray, the method of approaching the Path is by scientific research, pushed to ultimate conclusions, and by the acceptance of the inferences which follow these.



1. Devotion, single-mindedness, love, tenderness, intuition, loyalty, reverence.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/selfaggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

? Selfish and jealous love, over-leaning on others, partiality, self-deception, sectarianism, superstition, prejudice, over-rapid conclusions, fiery anger.

Sane is a result of:

2. Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance, serenity, balance and common sense.

This is called the ray of devotion. The m-w-c who is on this ray is full of religious instincts and impulses, and of intense personal feeling; nothing is taken equably. Everything, in his/her eyes, is either perfect or intolerable; his/her friends are angels, his/her enemies are very much the reverse; his/her view, in both cases, is formed not on the intrinsic merits of either class, but on the way the persons appeal to him/her, or on the sympathy or lack of sympathy which they shew to his/her favourite idols, whether these be concrete or abstract, for he/she is full of devotion, it may be to a person, or it may be to a cause.

He/She must always have a "personal God," an incarnation of Deity to adore. The best type of this ray makes the saint, the worst type, the bigot or fanatic, the typical martyr or the typical inquisitor. All religious wars or crusades have originated from sixth ray fanaticism. The m-w-c on this ray is often of gentle nature, but he/she can always flame into fury and fiery wrath. He/She will lay down his/her life for the objects of his/her devotion or reverence, but he/she will not lift a finger to help those outside of his/her immediate sympathies. As a noo, he/she hates fighting but often when roused in battle fights like one possessed. He/She is never a great statesman nor a good business m-w-c, but he/she may be a great preacher or orator.

The sixth ray m-w-c will be the poet of the emotions (such as Tennyson) and the writer of religious books, either in poetry or prose. He/She is devoted to beauty and colour and all things lovely, but his/her productive skill is not great unless under the influence of one of the practically artistic rays, the fourth or seventh. His/Her music will always be of a melodious order, and he/she will often be the composer of oratories and of sacred music.

The method of healing for this ray would be by faith and prayer.

The way of approaching the Path would be by prayer and meditation, aiming at union with God.


1. Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance.

of Ray to work-out via non-"big-up-ya-self"/selfaggrandising SERVICE to fellow-man-w-c:

? Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgments, self-opinion over-indulged.

SANE is a result of:

2. Realisation of unity, wide-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness and love.

This is the ceremonial ray, the ray which makes a m-w-c delight in "all things done decently and in order," and according to rule and precedent. It is the ray of the high priest and the court chamberlain, of the noo who is a born genius in organisation, of the ideal commissary general who will dress and feed the troops in the best possible way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick, careful in the smallest detail, though sometimes too much inclined to disregard the patients' idiosyncrasies and to try and grind them in the iron mill of routine.

It is the ray of form, of the perfect sculptor, who sees and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and patterns of any sort; but such a m-w-c would not be successful as a painter unless his/her influencing ray were the fourth. The combination of four with seven would make the very highest type of artist, form and colour being both in excelsis. The literary work of the seventh ray m-w-c would be remarkable for its ultra-polished style, and such a writer would think far more of the manner than of the matter in his/her work, but would always be fluent both in writing and speech. The seventh ray m-w-c will often be sectarian. He/She will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances, in great processions and shows, in reviews of troops and warships, in genealogical trees, and in rules of precedence.

The bad type of seventh ray m-w-c is superstitious, and such a m-w-c will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all psyientific practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The good type of the ray is absolutely determined to do the right thing and say the right word at the right moment; hence great social success.

In healing, the seventh ray m-w-c would rely on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him/her the practices of yoga would have no physical bad results, as often happens with other types.

He/She will approach the Path through observance of rules of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces.

From many of the above remarks it may have been inferred that the characteristics of any given ray find closer correspondence with one of the other rays of universal energy than with the rest. This is a fact. The only one which stands alone and has no close relationship with any of the others is the fourth. This brings to mind the unique position which the number four occupies in the evolutionary process. We have the fourth root race, the fourth planetary chain, the fourth planet in the chain, the fourth planetary manvantara, etc. The human race is, as you know, the fourth kingdom in Nature.

Between the third and the fifth rays there is a close relationship. In the search after knowledge, for example, the most laborious and minute study of detail is the path that will be followed, whether in philosophy, the higher mathematics or in the pursuit of practical science.

The correspondence between the second and the sixth rays shows itself in the intuitive grasp of synthesised knowledge, and in the common bond of faithfulness and loyalty.

Masterfulness, steadfastness, and perseverance are the corresponding characteristics of the first and the seventh rays."

[edited by Bush-Master Solchac and Ras-Lord Boomshak]


1.2.2. The SOL'S SHINING RAYS or "LIVINGRY" TIPS via the Will-to-Good Wills.


The individualised Spirit expresses itself through the various ray types in the following manner:_

Dynamic one-pointedness.
Destructive energy.
Power realised selfishly.
A longing for power and authority.
Desire to dominate.
Expressed strength and self-will,

A dynamic use of energy for the furtherance of the Plan.
The use of destructive forces in order to prepare the way for the Builders.
The will to power in order to cooperate.
Power realised as the major weapon of love.
Identification with the rhythm of the Whole.
The cessation of isolation.

The power to build for selfish ends.
Capacity to sense the Whole and to remain apart.
The cultivation of a separative spirit.
The hidden light.
The realisation of selfish desire.
Longing for material well-being.
Selfishness, and subordination of all soul/thinker powers to this end,

Building wisely, in relation to the Plan.
A longing for wisdom and truth.
Sensitivity to the Whole.
Renunciation of the great heresy of separativeness.
The revelation of the light.
True illumination.
Right speech through generated wisdom.

Force manipulation through selfish desire.
Intelligent use of force with wrong motive.
Intense material and mental activity.
The realisation of energy as an end in itself.
Longing for glory, beauty and for material objectives.
Submergence in illusion, glamour, and maya,

SANE / Will-to-Good:
The manipulation of energy in order to reveal beauty and truth.
The use of forces intelligently for the furtherance of the Plan.
Ordered rhythmic activity in cooperation with the Whole.
Desire for right revelation of divinity and light.
Adherence to right action.
The revelation of glory and good will.

Confused/self-serving combat.
The realisation of that which is high and that which is low.
The darkness which precedes form expression.
The veiling of the intuition.
The sensing of inharmony, and cooperation with the part and not the whole.
Identification with humanity, the fourth Creative Hierarchy.
Undue recognition of that which is produced by speech.
Abnormal sensitivity to that which is the Not Self.
Constant points of crisis,

Unity and harmony.
The evocation of the intuition.
Right judgment and pure reason.
The love which works through the Angel of the Presence.

We could here point out a constant misconception on the part of esotericists [/students/livingry based on ageless Wisdom] This Fourth ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art is not the ray, per se, of the creative artist. The creative artist is found equally on all rays, without exception. This ray is the ray of the intuition and of the harmonising of all that has been achieved through the activity of form life, as later synthesised and absorbed by the solar angel; it manifests eventually as all that can be evoked and evolved through the power of the One Life working through form expression. It is the point of meeting for all the energies flowing through the higher spiritual triad and the lower triplicity.

The energy of ignorance.
The power to rationalise and destroy.
Mental separation.
Desire for knowledge. This leads to material activity.
Detailed analysis.
Intense materialism and temporarily the negation of Deity.
Intensification of the power to isolate.
The implications of wrong emphasis.
Distorted views of truth.
Mental devotion to form and form activity.

SANE / Will-to-Good:
A knowledge of reality.
The realisation of the soul/thinker and its potentialities.
Power to recognize and contact the Angel of the Presence.
Sensitivity to Deity, to light and to love.
Spiritual and mental devotion.
The power to take initiation. (This is a point of real importance.)

Violence. Fanaticism. Willful adherence to an ideal.
Short sighted blindness.
Militarism and a tendency to make trouble with others and with groups.
The power to see no point except one's own.
Suspicion of people's motives.
Rapid reaction to glamour and illusion.
Emotional devotion and bewildered idealism.
Vibratory activity between the pairs of opposites.
Intense capacity to be personal and emphasise personalities,

SANE / Will-to-Good:
Directed, inclusive idealism.
Steadiness of perception through the expansion of consciousness.
Reaction to, and sympathy with, the point of view of others.
Willingness to see the work of other people progress along their chosen lines.
The choosing of the middle way.
Peace and not war. The good of the Whole and not the part.

Dark \ Black magic / or the use of magical / influential, persuasion / coercion for selfish / material / personal group ends to the detriment of the ideal action for the greater whole-good.
The power to "sit upon the fence" till the selfish values emerge.
Disorder and chaos through misunderstanding of the Plan.
The wrong use of speech to bring about chosen objectives.
Sex magic / control, manipulate, influence via use of pleasure principle . The selfish perversion of soul/thinker powers.

SANE / Will-to-Good:
White / Light magic/ or the use of soul/thinker powers / living for spiritual / greater-good, ends.
The identification of oneself with reality [principle].
Right order through right magic [selfless focus/activity] working out of Will of God on Earth.
Power to cooperate with the Whole.
Understanding of the Plan.
The magical /or Will based work of interpretation.
Manifestation of divinity.

A close study of the above suggested phrases, showing as they do the insane / wrong and the sane / right major expressions of ray force, will aid the student correctly to comprehend his/her own ray nature, and also whereabouts he/she stands in his/her development. One of the major faults of noos today is the paying of too close attention to the faults, errors and activities of other noos and too little attention to their own fulfillment of the law of Iove, and to their own dharma and work. A second failing of noos (and particularly of the working and accepted noos in the world at this present time) is incorrect speech conveying ambiguous meanings and motivated by criticism, or by an individual desire to shine. In olden days, the neophyte was forced into a prolonged silence. Speech was not permitted. This was inculcated as a check upon physical utterance of wrong words and ideas, based on inadequate knowledge. Today, the neophyte must learn the same lesson of attention to personal perfection and to personal work through the means of that inner silence which broods over the noo and forces him/her to attend to his/her own work and business, leaving others free to do the same, and so learn the lesson of experience. A great deal of present right activity is hindered by the [astral "social" amenities/chatter/gossip/speculation & other] speech interplay between noos, and much time is lost through wordy discussion of the work and activities of other noos. Humanity, as a whole, needs silence at this time as never before; it needs time in which to reflect, and the opportunity to sense the universal rhythm. Modern noos, if they are to do their work as desired and to cooperate with the Plan correctly, need that inner reflective quiet which in no way negates intense outer activity but which does release them from wordy criticisms, feverish discussions, and constant preoccupation with the dharma, dark or light karma, the motives and the methods of their fellow noos [ / world-servers / Saviours]